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Karen Gould
Hi Wayan, I received my painting today OMG! It is amazing. Thankyou so much, I cant wait to show it...
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Welcome To Bali Arts Painting –

Bali Painting - an online Bali Paintings Gallery, corporfeatures many original artworks of ingenious Balinese artists. We work very closely with the artists and aim at achieving high quality paintings for ate buyers, interior designers, and private collectors. Our main goal is to provide secure, easy, and confidence purchasing process.

Warmest Greeting from the island of arts

Bali Painting Collection – – Online Art Gallery
is pleased to welcome you at Bali Painting Collection and Online Art Gallery is currently one of the biggest Balinese galleries concerning the online sales of artworks, especially painting.
We provide you magnificent, high-quality, and meticulous artworks created by professional Balinese Artists....

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Abstract Painting
Abstract art or Abstract Painting - This art does not depict objects in the natural world, but instead uses colour and form in a non-representational way. The more precise terms, "non-figurative art... [ view this catalogue ]

Animal and Wildlife Painting
Family pet, animal and wild animal oil paintings/acrylic on canvas and other great selection of wildlife painting, including elephants, giraffe and zebra. Lighting and colors effect makes the artwork ... [ view this catalogue ]

Buddha Painting
Buddha art, Buddha paintings, Buddha art oil paintings. Famous Buddha oil paintings on canvas or acrylic on canvas. Hand made Buddha paintings. Buddha as an object for Balinese painter. The face, the ... [ view this catalogue ]

Buddhist Monks Painting
Buddhist Monks Painting - Buddha Monks Painting full color mostly yellow and red very interesting. Got the handmade buddha monks painting with special price.... [ view this catalogue ]

Decorative Painting
Decorative painting as we know it today has become a popular pursuit among more and more people the world over. Our Painter creating beautiful decorative art painting and you can view on this category... [ view this catalogue ]

Flower Painting
Flowers will always be an endless inspirational to painter to explore this object. Bali flowers in an object of their paintings with traditional style and modern style.... [ view this catalogue ]

Frangipani Painting
Frangipani is tropical flower and realy lovely flower, if you have visit Bali you will see the flower and also the painting. This frangipani painting will help you to create an atmosphere of calmnes... [ view this catalogue ]

Landscape Painting
Balinese Landscape Painting use bali panorama as a painting object. Bali has many beautiful landscape and panorama. Bali landscape is the object of the our artist, such as rice field, beach and sunset... [ view this catalogue ]

Nude Arts Painting
Nude art painting - At all times in human history, the human body has been one of the principal subjects for artists. It has been represented on prehistoric paintings and statutes and in all eras sinc... [ view this catalogue ]

Realist Painting
Realism, Realist or Realistic in the visual arts is a style that depicts the actuality of what the eyes can see. Artists painting in a style started in 19th century France where the artist is reali... [ view this catalogue ]

Self Portrait Painting
A self-portrait is a representation of an artist painted by our Balinese Painter. If you wish to have your picture or your favorite artist to be painted on canvas, please contact us soon!... [ view this catalogue ]

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Nude Bali Painting

Flower Oil Painting

Flower Oil Painting

Flower Oil Painting
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